Who Are We?

Tim Carolan is the owner/operator of CycleFit Solutions. A bicycle shop and more with 15 years of bike fitting specializing in Road, Gravel, Tri, TT and Mountain bikes along with Cyclesoles custom cycling orthotics (the lightest most state of the art available today) Tim Is a veteran rider who has 30 plus years experience in the bicycle industry and an equal number of years riding at the elite level. He understands the requirements of spending long periods of time on the bike at low and high intensity day after day for training, racing, and riding for fun. Cyclefit Solutions also has a cycling club, events and trips to extend beyond our physical location.

Wobble-Naught (WN) precision bike fitting system

Price $300 (time is around 2 ½ hours)

The WN Precision fit system starts by recording 22 measurements from the bike and body to eliminate as much guess work as possible. Setting up the bike to make you more comfortable is only the first part of the fit and were allot of others stop. The next part of the process is explaining it all to the rider including the proper pedal stroke to get the most out of the new fit. Records are kept as well so future bikes are set up quickly and equipment changes are done right the first time.

Cyclesoles custom foot beds

Price for full custom Cyclesoles are $300 (24 to 48 hr turnaround)

At 14 grams a pair the materials used to make Cyclesoles are the lightest most custom available today.

Since Cyclesoles are intended for riding the bike what better way to mold them to the feet with the rider on the bike and the foot, ankle, knee and hip aligned in a neutral position.

By making the feet stable we also prevent extra movement of the ankle, knee, and hips thus allowing the legs to track straight going forward and allowing the muscles to work for the propulsion of the bike and not stabilization of the leg. The result is comfort and efficiency keeping you injury free.

Fit Services

The Cyclefit fit Method $100

This fit process has become our most popular fit option for all ages and levels.  The fit process takes about 1hr and covers everything for all bicycles. The fit when complete is recorded for future fits or equipment changes.