Every year our clients make lasting performance gains using our services at Cyclefit Solutions.

We are very proud to share what our satisfied riders have to say about their experience with us.

Over the last few years I come to Tim for all my bike fit needs. Having been competing as a professional around the world in triathlon and cycling since 1999, and coaching since 2004, I’ve had fit’s and footbeds made from many reputable people.

I always find the level of detail, knowledge, willingness to listen and spend the time to get me dialed in so I feel my strongest and most comfortable with Tim. He is the only fit and footbed I’ve ever gotten where I don’t walk away and want to change anything. I feel completely confident in how I feel on my bike.

Marilyn Chychota
Endurance Corner Coach/ Columnist
Elite Cyclist / Triathlete

When I took on the Leadville MTB 100 training regimen this year, I had horrific back issues that seemed to be getting in the way of my goal. I could not finish training or races (upward of 4 hours) without extreme pain in my feet and my lower back. I went to Tim for a bike fit and he was exceptional in his understanding of my physiological issues. I knew the right bike fit was the single most important element of achieving my goal, and Tim’s fit was the most important component to improving my mountain biking. Not only did Tim relieve my physical issues and pain, but through my new position, my technical skills improved dramatically–and this is essential for mountain bike racing!

Tim is excellent in explaining his technique and process for fitting cyclists, and he is extremely easy to work with. In addition, Tim’s knowledge and experience in cycling is top notch, and his enthusiasm for his clients’ training and racing is genuine and sincere. After working with Tim, I won’t get a bike fit anywhere else.

Georges Varhola

Tim first fit me after noticing my position on my TT bike at a local race. He totally changed that fit with the result that I was more comfortable, had greater speed, and much more control in the aero position. Since that time Tim has refit me on my road bike with the same result. One of the great things his fits come with is a detailed set of measurements so that any bike can be set up to be the same as one he fit you on. So, when I bought my new bike it was set up perfectly with no need to have serial adjustments.

One of the things that makes Tim stand out is that he really cares about his clients and how he can make their on bike experiences as good as possible. He understands that folks are different in physical aspects, and also what they want to get out of their riding. And he able to dial those variables into the fit. The time and money spent having Tim do a full fit for you is well worth it.

Gary Sax

I just wanted to send a quick note saying thanks for the Cyclesoles. They are working really well for me. Thanks again and maybe see you next time I’m in Tucson!

Joe Dombrowski